Maintenance and Configuration


Task Command
Update DDNS record curl “<REDACTED>”
Renew SSL certificate sudo certbot renew && sudo systemctrl restart nginx
Update UFW firewall rules
sudo ufw allow 22000/tcp # add TCP port 22000
sudo ufw reload # enable new rules
sudo ufw status # check active rules
sudo ufw delete allow 22000/tcp # remove TCP port 22000


Modification Location
Database configuration (SELF_URL_PATH, etc.) /var/www/ttrss/config.php


Modification Location
Configuration settings $GITEA/conf/app.ini (see here for configurable values)
Git clone SSH port SSH_PORT = port in app.ini (sets clone url to ssh://
Home page $GITEA/gitea/templates/home.templ
Localized strings $GITEA/gitea/options/locale/local_en-US.ini
CSS styling $GITEA/gitea/public/css/index.css
Other Copy files as necessary from the Gitea repository under custom/conf, options, public, and templates


Modification Location
HTTPS protocol for reverse proxies Add ‘overwriteprotocol’ => ‘https’ in config/config.php to $CONFIG array in config/config.php
Running an occ command docker exec -u www-data nextcloud php occ $command
Manually removing file locks
  1. sudo su to root and sqlite3 data/owncloud.db
  2. DELETE FROM oc_file_locks WHERE lock=-1;
  3. CTRL-d or .quit to leave SQLite and exit to leave root


Modification Location
URL url in $GHOST/config.production.json
Theme Unzip into $GHOST/content/themes/themename
Custom JS Settings -> Code injection


Task Commands
Changing the logo
  1. Upload logo to $MEDIAWIKI/html/resources/assets/logo.png
  2. Modify $wgLogo = “$wgResourceBasePath/resources/assets/logo.png”; in $MEDIAWIKI/html/LocalSettings.php
  3. docker exec mediawiki php /var/www/html/maintenance/rebuildImages.php
Making pages show up in categories docker exec mediawiki php /var/www/html/maintenance/refreshLinks.php
Adding extensions TODO, add wfLoadExtension( ‘ExtensionName’ ); in $MEDIAWIKI/html/LocalSettings.php


Task Commands
Importing music
  1. Copy music to $FUNKWHALE/music
  2. docker exec -it funkwhale manage import_files e4ddd50e-ae64-4390-861b-28a4338b5de7 “/music/*.mp3” --in-place --recursive --broadcast

See docs for more details and docker exec -it funkwhale manage import_files --help for more commands.

Standard Notes

Modification Location
Disabling registration Comment out post “auth” => “api/auth#register” in $STDNOTES/config/routes.rb
Other See docs