LaTeX Fixes for arXiv Submissions

These are the errors I encountered when creating a submission with arXiv by uploading LaTeX files created in Overleaf. There are probably more proper ways to fix them. See Considerations for TeX Submissions and Common Mistakes for other errors. See also this README for more details on building (especially when using acmart) and submitting to arXiv.

Problem Solution
Package xkeyval Error: `printccs' undefined in families `@ACM@topmatter@'. Removed printccs from settopmatter. I didn’t have categories anyway.
Undefined control sequence. <argument> \mdseries@tt Added \makeatletter\providecommand{\mdseries@tt}{}\makeatother before packages.
Package minted Error: You must invoke LaTeX with the -shell-escape flag. Compiled with \usepackage[finalizecache,cachedir=.]{minted}, downloaded all *.pygtex and *.pygstyle files from the logs, uploaded them to the root directory, and compiled with \usepackage[frozencache,cachedir=.]{minted}.
LaTeX Error: Option clash for package hyperref. Added override file 00README.XXX with the line nohypertex. arXiv loads HyperTeX by default, and acmart formats try to load them again.
arXiv is unable to run graphviz. I just converted by DOT content to images beforehand and included them as graphics, but the proper solution would be to use dot2texi.
Unable to convert to PDF. Added \pdfoutput=1 to the beginning of the main file.