i3 Keybindings

These are all prefixed with $mod.


  • Capitalization: Shift
  • ^: CTRL
  • *: custom keybindings


Effect Command
Terminal enter
Reload i3 configs C
Restart i3 R
Lock screen 9
System mode 0


Effect Command
Close q*
Tile down v
Tile right h
Split e
Stack s
Tab w
Float Space
Fullscreen f
Cycle workspace b
Workspace #n #n
Move to #n #N
Focus parent a
Focus left
Focus down
Focus up
Focus right
Focus float space
Move left
Move down
Move up
Move right
Move workspace B
Move scratchpad _
Show scratchpad -


Application Command
Launcher d
Menu z
Audio ^m
Capture area print
Capture window Print
Browser f2
File manager f3
Music f5